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COAT has changed the paint game. With high-grade climate positive paints in a range of designer shades, we've got you covered with style AND substance

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Paint, Just Better

When did paint get so complicated? Endless trips to DIY stores, complex choices and environmentally damaging products left us frustrated. So we changed the game.

Ditch the Tester pots?

Say goodbye to the messy tester pots. The tester swatches are painted with 100% Paint to give a perfect colour presentation. Peel & stick, try in different areas of the room or home to know how it looks in differnt light.

Pick up one instore today.

£1.50 Each

Flat Matt

Hide imperfections and cover effortlessly with our smooth Flat Matt paint finish. Water-based, low VOC, deeply coloured and durable too. If you’re looking for a flawless modern matt finish that can stand the test of time, COAT Flat Matt is the one.

Available in 1L, 2.5L & 5L

From £27.99


Perfect for Kitchens, Bathrooms, and areas prone to heavy dirt. Premium durable recipe, consciously made, and hand finished to order the same day.

Available in 2.5L

From £48.99

Eggshell paint

High-grade interior emulsion paint in a sophisticated matt-ish Eggshell finish. Designed for wood and metal, it’s both smooth and super durable. Low VOC, low odour and deeply coloured too. COAT water based, environmentally friendly eggshell paint needs fewer coats than most and is made with high quality ingredients to combat knocks, scuffs and scrapes for years to come.

Available in 1L & 2.5Ltr

From £32.99


Luxury eco-paint for every outdoor surface. Weatherproof and deeply coloured, it's strong, tough, and low-toxin too. Perfect for exterior wood, metal and masonry.

Available in 1Ltr & 2.5Ltr

From £36.99


From Paintbrushes to rollers and trays.

Everything you need to decorate, without the hardware store. No nasty plastics, always high-grade and sustainable.

from £5.00

Fast Delivery

Next day delivery from order, so if you run short the next tin is only a day away, giving you time to plan how to finish your design.

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Coat Paint is not avilable to buy online, Please contact us below or call the store on 01424 532557.

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